Oil prices are rising. Could you convert to natural gas?

Ok, so your tired old oil burner has made it through another winter.  It rumbled, it grumbled, and OH BOY did it drink!  Another filter, screen and nozzle Please!  And don’t forget to scrub all that soot out while you’re at it.

The fact is, natural gas may be on your street already.  And the gas suppliers want to help you convert.  Some suppliers, such as National Grid, are currently running programs in which they will provide you with high-efficiency heating equipment at very little cost to you.  It could be worth a call to your local gas supplier.

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UH OH, It’s warming up fast!!!

Melting snow combined with a heavy rain can mean serious flooding. Check the operation of your sump pump now, by dumping a couple buckets of water into the sump. If you do have a problem, just call.  We’re here to help.

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Welcome to MagnusonPlumbing.com.  We’re proud to offer you plumbing and heating services and solutions in the Greater Boston and MetroWest areas.

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